Continuous Worship services at the Oratory began on Sunday February 7, 1999, initiated by its sole founders, Fr. Al Hyndman, Susanne Linford and Bishop Mack McFerran. We use the same missalette as does St. Raphael's Vancouver and the ecumenical lectionary. We were incorporated under The Societies Act as "Oratory of Our Lady of the Nativity Old Catholic Society", October 8th, 2000.

"Welcoming all to an oasis for prayer celebrating the rites of the Old Catholic Church"

Folk search out this private Oratory on private property through recommendations by others who have become our friends. Some regard the Oratory as an oasis shrine! We do no advertising nor public or profit ventures but we heartily welcome those, whom we can help, encourage or nurture into holiness. Traditional daily worship using Old Catholic rites and counseling is available. Our library and grounds are utilized.

Also, "AL'S PLACE" undertakes separately, social care programs, pet therapy and teaches life skills to special needs clients on this site and beyond. Susanne undertakes vigorous gardening developments and critter care. We trust that our several provisions enhance the local community.