Through our chapel, we try to foster sacramental, catholic lifestyle and emphasize our faith in Christ and His non-judgmental love. (John 8:15). We avoid all ecclesial, jurisdictional and ethnic controversy! We provide a spiritual home within the fullness of the holy tradition for all persons who seek purpose, love and truth in Our Lord Jesus Christ but who may find themselves lapsed from mainline denominations, disturbed by legalism and wanting freedom or are alienated from their roots. Some come to us from un-churched, non-baptized or uncommitted backgrounds.

We do no 'sheep stealing' but support those on pilgrimages who grasp for core essentials. Possibly, the worship and witness of the early undivided church may be realized here through an informal, unpretentious environment in our rustic, stable setting.

Families with children are engaged in this spiritual home where persons are accepted as they are. Pastoral outreach, fostering of the interior life, participatory music, plain Gospel preaching: are central in this small, emerging congregation. The 'tent-makers house church' of apostolic times is still with us and could be the model of tomorow.

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